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Monday, February 2, 2015

PowerBI Dashboard Public Preview


PowerBI Dashboard is a new interactive dashboard and visualization platform that enables end users to select and visualize the information they are most interested in. No support from IT is needed to build the dashboard and for me, this is the most exciting feature of the new dashboard concept. As I also stated in an older post dashboards need to be easy to create as the need for performance indicators that you really want to see on a dashboard changes over time. You also want the same dashboard to be available on mobile devices as well as on your local workspace. What I like is the separation between visualizations and the dashboard. In fact you can choose any element of your PowerView sheet for example to be displayed as a tile on the dashboard (“pin to dashboard”) showing important information and acting as a link to the full analytical sheet.

I believe that Microsoft follows this approach very consequently with the new PowerBI Dashboard, so it’s really worth spending some time on. Currently it is available as a public beta.

Here is an example of a dashboard that I just created with PowerBI Dashboard using the Tailspin demo data.


The complete steps for creating this dashboard are shown in the following video.

PowerBI Dashboard Preview

In the video you’ll see how to

  • upload a PowerView sheet to PowerBI Dashboard
  • put elements from the PowerView sheet to the dashboard (“pin to dashboard”)
  • edit the dashboard in the web or on your mobile device (within PowerBI Dashboard)
  • arrange elements on your dashboard
  • use natural question & answers functionality to create new visualizations and new content for your dashboard

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